Gypsy Dreams

Sharon Hubbocks and Tim Heming combine to bring you their take on gypsy music from across Europe. Available for weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, parties/hooleys of all sorts and who knows what else. Will travel anywhere…

“Magical – transported to exotic lands. Very emotional music, tugs at the heart strings. Thank you Tim and Sharon 🙂 ” – Ewa.

“Thank you both so much for helping make our day so perfect – we all thoroughly enjoyed the music.” – Joanne.

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After the lockdown, we have been out busking on the streets of local towns and even managed a couple of gigs – a wedding and a film shoot. All upcoming work so far has been cancelled or postponed but we hope that regular gigs will soon materialise. We are able to do covid-19 aware performances to suit various scenarios.

We are using the time to develop this new exciting project and are moving in several directions. We have a YouTube channel where we post regular videos and are working on a CD comprising our various European folk influences which we are hoping to have completed around the end of the summer.

We’ll be busking around the Southwest in the forthcoming weeks and are planning a tour of Cornwall, and later, France, Belgium and Holland once our album is released.

If you feel like donating to support our artistic venture, there should be a Paypal button somewhere down below…. Thanks! 🙂